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Derma Roller Lotus Roller™ 0.5mm


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The Lotus Roller™ is the premium brand of dermaroller available on the market today.
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Dermaroller Lotus Roller™ 0.5mm

The Lotus Roller™ is the premium brand of dermaroller available on the market today. It was developed and perfected by therapists over years of testing in the first specialist skin needling clinic in the Southern hemisphere. It is brought to you by White Lotus the skin needling specialists.
Lotus Roller
The 0.5mm dermaroller is the shortest needle size that effectively inducts collagen. It is ideal for cosmetic and beauty purposes as it achieves maximal collagen induction with very little recovery time compared to longer micro needles that may cause unnecessary tissue damage.

Derma rollers can increase collagen production by up to 1,000 % in a single treatment.

The 0.5mm Lotus Roller is™ -

Effective – The 0.5mm is the shortest micro needle length that effectively inducts collagen. It is also the best derma roller for increasing trans-dermal absorption. Studies show that it is in fact more effective than the longer 1.5mm needles for this purpose.

Safe – The Lotus Roller is produced according to the highest European standards. It is machine assembled; machine sterilised and delivered in tamper evident packaging for your piece of mind.

Durable – The high quality surgical stainless steel micro needle are produced in 0.3 gauge, which is far more durable and less likely to become bent than thinner, poorer quality needles. This needle gauge has been scientifically shown to be just as painless as thicker needles, but allows the needles to stay sharp and last over a year unlike poor imitations.

The 0.5mm Lotus Roller™ can assist

• Wrinkles
• Thinning skin
• Sagging skin
• Dull and uneven complexions
• Enlarged pores
• Shallow scars

Try the Premium Lotus Roller™, you will never look back!

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