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White Lotus Derma Stamp 1.0mm


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White Lotus Derma Stamp 1.0mm is a premium skincare product to treat scars and hairloss.
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White Lotus Derma Stamp 1.0mm

The Scar Derma Stamp is a premium product brought to you by White Lotus Anti Aging the skin needling specialists.

The dermastamp is ideal for small isolated scars that are hard to access with the Lotus Roller or where intense stimulation is required in a concentrated area.

The Dermastamp works to alleviate scars in three ways

1.    The mechanical stimulation of the stamp breaks down the knotted collagen bundles in the scar. The process of skin needling also increases the production of collagenase a group of enzymes that break down misaligned scar tissue

2.    Skin needling creates a complete new layer of collagen to replace the damaged scar tissue producing smoother skin.

3.    The dermastamp dramatically increases the absorption of the White Lotus Scar serum which helps renew skin cells in the area.

The Derma stamp is also ideal for assisting hair loss. It works with the White Lotus Hair Restoration spray to assist hair restoration. Unlike the derma roller longer hair does not become caught in the axle and torn out.

The White Lotus Dermastamp is the highest quality derma stamp available produced from surgical stainless steel micro needles, sterilised and delivered in tamper evident packaging for your piece of mind.

The higher quality micro needles mean this product lasts over a year.

The White Lotus Dermastamp can also be used to benefit many pigmentation conditions.

For best results use the scar dermastamp with the White Lotus organic scar serum.

Scar Dermastamp Specification

•    117 surgical stainless steel micro needles
•    High quality 0.3 gauge micro needles
•    Machine assembled
•    EO sterilised
•    Tamper evident packaging
•    Custom designed handle
•    Lasts over a year.

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