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Dermaroller Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I need a derma stamp or a derma roller?

A - The dermaroller is better for larger areas of skin such as if you want to treat the whole face the thighs, shoulders, décolletage or abdomen. The dermastamp is better for small areas that require strong stimulation such as isolated scars. It is also better for hair loss with longer hair as hair can become caught in the axel of the roller.

Q - Is there any evidence that the derma roller works?

A - Yes there is a lot please visit the dermaroller research page.

Q - What can the dermaroller be used for?

A – The microneedle roller can be used to assist anti-aging, beauty treatments, scar reduction, stretch mark and cellulite reduction, hair loss and can be used to assist the absorption of a variety of creams and serums through the skin.

Q - How does the dermaroller work?

A - The dermaroller works in two ways. It increases the absorption of products through the skin by creating micro channels. It also inducts collagen by causing micro trauma at the level of the dermis that then stimulates a group of cells called fibroblasts to create the body’s own natural collagen.

Q - Are dermarollers painful to use?

A - This depends on the needle size, quality of the needles and the technique used. 0.5mm and even 0.75mm needles can be used on the face quite painlessly when using the correct techniques and high quality needles. The needles have to be well produced and extremely sharp as blunt needles can tear the skin. In a recent survey conducted by White Lotus 93% of students agreed that the dermaroller used on the face was not painful after learning the White Lotus techniques. All home use rollers come with complete instructions for use.

Q - Are stainless steel or titanium rollers better?

A – Stainless steel is the most used dermaroller material and all rollers wishing to meet medical device status are made of this. On the other hand titaniun is examined to be even 50% more durable material than stainless steel, whch make the needles last longer. Titanium needles are bestly used in larger fleshy areas of skin e.g back.

Q - Why is the White Lotus different from other derma roller companies?

A - White Lotus specialise in full natural approach to skin needling. The increased absorption produced by dermarollers means that only the most natural organic products should be used with the dermaroller to avoid potential toxicity. All White Lotus products have been tested and improved for years in clinic to obtain only the best and most effective natural serums and the highest quality dermaroller the Lotus Roller which lasts over a year.