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Dermaroller Before And After Pictures

Displayed below is a variety of skin needling before and after photos. The majority of White Lotus’s dermaroller before and after photos are taken in the White Lotus clinic.

All of White Lotus’s dermaroller before and after pictures are photo-shop free. No images have been enhanced to create unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved with skin needling.

All photos are designed to act as an accurate guide of the excellent and realistic changes that can be achieved with the White Lotus treatments.



Before Picture 1

Crows feet on a 45 year old woman.


Before Picture 2

Frown lines on a 55 year old European woman's forehead.

Before Picture 3

65 year old women concerned about deep lines and sun damage caused by the Australian sun.

After Picture 1

Noticably shallow wrinkles 15 weeks after her first treatment.

After Picture 2

After 15 weeks of treatment the lines are vastly improved.

Before Picture 3

10 weeks later you can see a dramatic improvement in the skins appearance.




Before Picture 4

A 35 year old man.


Before Picture 5

A 36 year old man who was thinning across the whole scalp.

After Picture 4

After using the Hair Loss Pack the hair is beginning to thicken.

After Picture 5

After 3 months using the Hair Loss pack there is a dramatic difference.